Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting a raise and adult films... no connection.

It's been a while since my last post. My apologies! There are a few things to share to which I'll try to give each equal attention.

I got a raise within my first month of working. As I said before, I'm "just" a reservationist. Though I sit at a table answering the phones... I offer my help whenever needed and volunteer my use whenever and however to show my willingness to work and my work ethic. It has seemed to pay off. They first asked me if I would like to switch from being a reservationist to a host. I immediately thought "yes" because it is more money than I make as a reservationist. But.... the host job was for night work... from 5:00 pm- 12:00 am; till 1:00 am on Fridays; till 2:00 am on Saturdays. I really don't work well at night so that was a big deterrent. The manager asked me to make my decision the day she offered it to me. So I though about it and still wasn't sure. She discussed it with me and told me to be honest with her. So... I was honest with her. I told her that I didn't like the idea of working at night, but that I would do what I needed to do to make more money. She said if it was money I was worried about, she would just give me a raise for what I was doing. Easy enough! She said that she and the owner enjoy having me and that I bring a lot to the restaurant. That made me feel good... and so does the extra money. Yeah for raises... woohoo for work ethic... yippee for adding something to an establishment!

Yes, you read the blog title correctly. Adult films. So I had a Wednesday off the other week, and after getting my tan on in Central Park... I decided to walk around the area of Manhattan where the Plaza Hotel is along with the Apple store and FAO Schwarz. As I was walking... I was held up by a crosswalk light. While I waited minding my business, and for the light to change in my favor, a man a few steps away from me yelled, "Is that Turkish?" I looked around and realized that we were the only two standing there. He was commenting on the writing on a t-shirt I had on, which I guess was an attempt to break the ice before asking about a career opportunity. He had a few brief cases with him and an umbrella and he began to fumble them as he hailed a cab. Me being me... I insisted on helping this struggling "well-to-do" looking man in a nice suit. While helping him into the cab he asked me where I was from, what I was doing in NYC and, after answering his inquiries vaguely, he asked how I could be a reservationist with such a thick country accent (look ya'll... I DO NOT have a Southern drawl). After the interrogation... he warned me that he was about to ask me a question and for me to not be offended... which is actually hard to do. He continued by asking me if I had ever considered making adult movies. As nice and honest as I could I said, "Yes... where do I sign up?" JUST KIDDING... just making sure you are still paying attention... ha ha. I told him that I wasn't interested in that line of work. He continued to tell me that I could make A LOT of money and that I should consider it. I thanked him for his advice and again responded that it wasn't for me. He told me again to keep it in mind and closed the cab door and faded into the traffic. I guess I have a back-up plan now. Or not. Ha Ha.

Quick blips to save you time:

- I helped an old lady carry a newly bought vacuum down the street to her subway stop. She told me I was extremely good looking and asked why I couldn't be 40 years older. I told her because God wanted me to meet her when I was 25 so I could help her carry her brand new vacuum. When I was done helping her and said goodbye she replied by saying, "Goodbye... I hope you have a wonderful life!" It made me sad knowing I will probably never see her again, but I was happy to have met her and welcomed her good wishes.

- The producer that is hooking me up with camera work called me the other day. I'm going to start meeting him and making extra "mullah" running a camera for seminars. Who knows... it might lead to something else.

- It's staring to get cold here. I don't have sufficient shoes or coats for NYC winter. I'll be accepting gift cards for GAP, Abercrombie, and Urban Outfitters to help prepare for the cold. Just Kidding... but really... if you have an extra gift card... I'll take it. Ha Ha.

- Check out my new film "Big M Little Organ". It'll make my parents proud. Just Kidding!!! Still having fun with the fact that someone asked me to be in adult films.

Thanks for reading! More to come soon...

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  1. What's weird is that I rented Big M Little Organ the other day b/c I thought it was about a big man who plays a tiny organ...boy was I shocked!
    Miss you Matt Morgan!