Monday, August 2, 2010

5 Months is really just a millisecond in God's time. (Whatever helps excuse my neglect)

Um... hi. Hello. What's up? How 'bout them Bearcats? Ok... There's no dodging it. I haven't posted in over 5 months. I don't know what I've been thinking. I could give the excuse that I've been so wrapped up in the "fast life"... but that would only be halfway true. I cannot begin to start telling you in detail of what has been going on these past few months. If I did I would be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for the "World's Longest Blog". That sounds dirty if you didn't know what a blog was. I'll leave that record for someone else... the blog record that is. I'v got the other one taken care of ;)

I can only think to separate the different aspects of my life here and recap the last 5 months as best as possible. 1... 2... ready... GO!


I LOVE IMPROV! I had to yell it. I have, up-to-date, completed three improv classes at The Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). I constantly wonder why I waited until I was 26 to do this. I calm that wonder by knowing that I probably would have died here if I had come any sooner. In all seriousness, doing improv has been one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done. I feel like I'm doing well with it. Of course... I could suck at it, and not know, but that is negated by the fact that it feels so good to learn and perform. I have had three amazing UCB teachers so far. Like the light that leads us to Heaven in death, they are leading me to Improv in pursuit of my dream. That dramatic statement was uncalled for, but true none-the-less. My teachers have been Kate Spencer for Improv 101, Anthony Atamanuik for Improv 201, and Betsy Stover for Improv 301. Their classes, notes, critiques, along with watching them perform at the UCB have been essential in the learning process. I thanked them before, I'll thank them now, and I'll forever thank them.

I've also made a crap ton of friends while taking classes. Yeah I said crap ton. Some of these friends I hope to work with at some point... and others I have already begun to work with. By that I mean I am part of an improv team based here in NYC. We call ourselves The Heathers. **SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT** "Like" us on Facebook and support us in "Performing bitchy acts all over NYC". Everyone on the team is hilarious and we all get along great. I had to take a break from practicing and performing with them while I took 301... but now I'm back and ready to start performing with them. They performed a few times while I was "away" and I went to watch the first 3. Freakin' hysterical. Shout out to our coach, Pam Murphy, who also rocks my face off! I can officially say that I perform improv (no matter the level) in New York City. Never in my wildest dreams... ok... enough about improv. I could go on forever, but I'm pulling the plug. You like how I brought that back around to the light, and death, and improv, and Heaven? You're welcome. Just know that I love what I came here to do, and that is making all the difference.

(A few characters I've been in scenes; a dad, a yoga teacher mistaken for a male prostitute, a biker news anchor, a husband that busts his wife out about having rancid ovaries and uterus, and so many more that I literally can't remember.)


Meh. I mean... what do I say here. I'm an Admission Counselor for a university here in Manhattan and I host at a restaurant sometimes on the weekends. They pay the bills (sometimes), but they also get in the way. As this sounds bitter, know that I am completelygrateful for my jobs and I would be in such a bad spot if I didn't have them. There just isn't much more to them apart from just being my job. It's like going to lunch with someone, or coming home, or going to a party... and all you talk about is work. Booorrrriiinnnggg. Not in this blog sir and/or madam. All in all... work is good.


I'm sitting on my apartment floor (I don't have furniture), I'm watching Robin Hood Men in Tights (you know you like that movie), and I just finished my dinner consisting of a can of tuna mixed with Miracle Whip, mustard, and creole seasoning (thanks for the recipe Jason Butler) and a side salad made of 1/4 of a bag of salad, cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. It's perfect. I just got back last night from a two week vacation to my home Weaver, AL. It couldn't have come at a better time. Time with my family, two marriages- one of which included the above mentioned Jason Butler-, and a reunion of sorts of my college Cross Country team all together made this visit almost unforgettable.

I know people here that have written off their hometowns and people in their life prior to NYC. I don't understand how you can do that with a heart beating in your chest. I've had great times and horrible times. I've met amazing people and horrific people. All of which have impacted me and made me who I am today. I hope to never forget where I come from or who I am no matter where I go in life, and I hope you don't either... whoever you are.

There are times here in NYC, and all places for that matter, when the city can beat you down one moment... then lift you up so high the next. You can crave home in one moment... then become gluttonous (in a good way) from the city. To say that you are impervious to this cycle leads me to believe that you are not living "real life" here. It's the rises and falls of this place that make it what it is... and what will ultimately make me who I am supposed to be in my time here.

I'll end this far overdue post with this. As I work here, learn here, perform here, struggle here, LIVE here, and meet people here... I always come back to feeling grateful for every aspect that I just listed. I'm thankful as well for friends, old and new, for the constant love and support I receive

This blog somewhat explains the past 5 months... but barely. I'll be better at this... I promise.

My 101 after our class show

My 201 class after our show.


  1. what a tall freak you are ;) just kidding! you look so super happy, matt. I miss you much but I'm glad you're doing so well. keep in touch!

  2. as the wife whose ovaries were likened to a hollowed out avocado pit, i can attest to the fact that you, sir, most certainly do not suck.