Sunday, August 9, 2009

Please, if you have an extra rib, remove it...

So I had one of the most vivid dreams of my life one night this week. I'll share it (in its abbreviated form to save time) as the beginning of this post.
My favorite musician Jason Mraz had just finished a concert which, for some reason, was at my house. As the crowd left my home, I found Mraz camping outside of my home. I was shocked! I mean... my FAVORITE musician was camping at my house! I sat down and chatted with him and took some pictures to prove that he was really there. After I settled down, we started talking about life and how we all should do in life... what we want to do. Mraz went on to tell me that if you aren't doing what you want to do, it's like having an extra rib; a protruding rib that caused a discomfort of sorts. With that extra rib, nothing would feel natural... no movement would feel natural, no activity would feel natural, and no thought would pass without first thinking of the pain/discomfort of the extra rib. But, to do what you want to do... to follow a dream that you've always wanted to follow, would be like removing that extra rib. Nothing would be uncomfortable. Movement would be natural. Thoughts would be pure with no interruption. It would in a sense be... freedom. Wow.
So I finished my first week of work at Serendipity. I am a "reservationist." I literally sit at a little table and answer the phone when it rings and take down reservations. What can I say... it pays the bills. Well, I'm actually not certain if it will pay the bills, but I'll soon find out. My first day was kind of shaky. They told me what I was to wear at my "interview", but didn't go into very much details. So I showed up in lighter colored jeans, a nice button-up shirt, and a nice pair of Steve Madden sneakers. When I arrived on my first day, they immediately told me that I didn't meet dress code, but that I could stay since they didn't specify at my interview. I am not to wear washed out colored jeans and I must wear leather shoes that can hold a shine. So after they informed me of the dress code they also told me it was a clean shaved establishment. For those who know me well... my trimmed man stubble didn't cut it. So... they told me to leave and come back when my face was shaved. I left the restaurant, rounded the corner, found a barber, had him shave my face, and headed back to work. Work since has been fine and I'm starting to open up to my co-workers and it's becoming fun.
I met up with a producer on this past Tuesday evening and he refreshed my memory on how to work a camera. He might have some work for me starting in September recording seminars put on by the NYC Bar Association (lawyer stuff). It pays $25 an hour so I'd be dumb to pass that up.
I got my first audition for something this past Thursday! A friend of mine (Dana) has a roommate (Courtney) who got me in touch with her mother's friend's sister's cousin's brother (or something like that) before I left Alabama. He forwarded an e-mail to me on Tuesday to audition to perform for something which involved a 2 day gig in a mocap suit... which is one of those black suits with balls all over it to transfer human motion into a computer. It went well and I was told that not many people auditioned for it. So, keep your fingers crossed that I get it.
I originally thought that I would blog every Sunday... but I think I'll need to do it more often so I can go more in depth about stories. So... Until next time...

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  1. you are doing well my friend! I'm proud of you! I love your blogs so keep them coming!
    -Aimee Pitzo