Sunday, August 2, 2009

Serendipitous indeed.

So this is it. The first official blog of many to come to track the progress of my life here in New York City. So starting out... I actually don't have a sappy story of struggle (yet anyway...). I'm not living out of my car, I'm not jobless, and I'm not eating out of a garbage can. So if a "True Hollywood Story" is pitched to E!, I'm not sure they'll take the story, but I have a story none-the-less.

Today marks he 4th day of my life here and they have been more than great. I arrived here Wednesday the 26th. My goal was to have a job by Friday the 28th and sure enough... it came to be. The first place I walked into was Serendipity 3, a pretty well known restaurant. The last time I was in NYC... a month or so ago... me and my friends, Peach and Amy, ate there. Our waiter was from Hunstsville, AL strangely enough, and he told me to check back when I moved here. And so I did. I walked in and asked if they were hiring. The man almost said that they weren't and asked me to wait for a moment. He walked back up to me and I asked If I wanted to fill out an application and I did, of course. After turning it in, he asked me a few questions and told me he would call me. He then asked me to wait a moment again, walked off, then he approached me again and asked if I could start Monday at 10:30. I couldn't believe it and giddily said yes. Job... check!

I'm apartment sitting for two great and helpful people, Melissa and Jim, until I move into my more semi-permanent apt for the month of August. One of my greatest friends, Rachel, made the trip up here with me to give me one last bit of home before the newness of a place with no friends really kicks in. We've had a great time walking the city, kayaking the Hudson, eating good food, and relaxing before I fall into the "City That Never Sleeps" routine. On top of Rachel making the trip, one of my old teammates, Yib, is also here getting ready for school.We all three got to eat dinner along with another one of our college buds who this in city where I'm apt sitting. Serendipitous indeed.

Another cool note... I have been in contact with a JSU Alumni who has put me in touch with a producer here in Manhattan who might have a place for me to live after my semi-permanent place in August. So I contacted him and we are still working out the details of the apt... keep your fingers crossed. While speaking with him, he asked if I had a job. This was Thursday, so I didn't at that moment. I let him know that I didn't have a job and was willing to work to start earning money. He asked if I could work a camera and I said yes... and that my major was actually Broadcast Journalism. He was surprised and offered for me to met him this upcoming Tuesday night in the Theatre District to work at a shoot and learn the camera. I at one point e-mailed my head shots to the JSU Alumni since she and I have become pretty good pen pals... and she had passed them onto the producer... which I'm ok with. When he told me he had my head shots, he wrapped up our convo by saying, "So you can potentially work off and ON camera...", to which I replied, "Absolutely."

So... my first four days aren't too exciting, but they are far from dull! Thank you to all of my friends and family for your thoughts and prayers and if you don't mind... keep them coming! I'll try to keep you all updated as much as possible. Until next time...

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